YOU look after your body, so why not look after your mind? Mental Health First Aid is a highly effective yet gentle tool to help everyone perform to the best of their abilities.

Train up to become a ‘mental health first-aider’ to help your workmates by spotting early signs of mental illness
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Lindsay Moody Mental Health First Aid England Instructor

INSPIRATIONAL, motivating and understanding, Lindsay Moody is one of the UK’s leading Mental Health First Aid experts. But he doesn’t just talk the talk - as he has walked the long walk back to mental health fitness himself. Diagnosed as disabled aged 14, he was confined to a wheelchair. But using his specialist mental health training techniques, Lindsay overcame incredible odds to be selected as a Paralympic athlete before finding glory as a top able-bodied sportsman, playing cricket for Sussex and coaching the renowned Surrey Cricket Development Squad.


Lindsay’s unique, open and honest experiences resonate with the audience like no other trainer and his renowned training sessions leave attendees galvanized to overcome all challenges. Lindsay says: “It’s not a case of mind over matter, it’s mind working with matter. I can coach your staff or team to utilise both their mental and physical fitness to overcome mental health issues, perform better, be more productive and live a more fulfilled life.”

Based in South West London, Lindsay is able to travel both nationally and internationally.


IF YOU break your leg at work or while you’re out and about, you’ll probably get immediate help from a First Aider. But what if it’s your mind that’s breaking? This is where ‘Mental Health First Aiders’ provide vital help. Mental Health First Aiders - known as MHFAs - are specialist professionals trained to spot the signs of emotional distress. They provide discreet, nurturing support, aid staff welfare and even step in to prevent more serious mental health conditions developing.

Pioneered in Australia, the growing awareness of mental heath issues in the UK means the sector is expanding fast and MHFAs are now an essential addition to any workplace, club or sports team - especially those where staff are asked to perform under extreme pressures.

But with one in four Brits suffering from mental health issues over their lifetime, many more MHFAs are needed to fill the skills gap and ensure mental health is looked after as well as physical health across the country

It is a demanding but fulfilling career and one where you can genuinely make a difference to the lives of others.

Official statistics show suicide is the biggest killer of men aged under 50, and women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders - but imagine if you had the skills and the confidence to get that person’s life back on track.

Sometimes, taking some simple actions and making the time to ask, “Can I help?” really can save a life. And as one of the UK’s premier Mental Health First Aiders, I can help. +44 20 7983410388

Key Features of Our Training:

Our Mental Health First Aid training seeks to:

Train your staff to provide Mental Health First Aid in-house and provide recognised, official qualifications

Offer tailored motivational speaking centred on mental health and performance

Help key employees overcome ‘performance blockages’ linked to mental health and anxiety.

MHFA Training Packages starts from just £ 325

The purpose of the training is to teach people how to recognize warning signs and risk factors for mental health disorders, and to teach participants how to feel comfortable offering help to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

In this intensive two-day training course you will learn how to overcome


Course Structure

2 Days
9 AM – 5 PM
/ person
No. of Participants
8 to 16

Likely to be eligible for funding via Apprenticeship Levy
( being certified at moment )

The course was created by
Mental Health First Aid England

Delivered by
Lindsay Moody,
a qualified Mental Health First Aid England Instructor


EVERY organisation has different needs, so each course is specifically tailored by Lindsay to ensure the maximum impact - and benefit - for your team.

All trainees will learn how to deal with a mental health crisis with empathy, understanding and find a way to get help and support.

Participants will learn how to apply this tried and tested procedure for their workplace.

Exercises included group work, live exercises, one-to-one sessions and training delivered by Lindsay himself.

Trainees will graduate from the course qualified to confidently perform MHFA role in their company, making a difference to your firm’s performance and fulfilling your CSR obligations.

Lindsay will work gently and discreetly with any staff affected by issues raised on the course

Lindsay is available for follow-up session and extra motivational speaking

All manuals and teaching materials included in the price

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